Low Voltage Electronics Cabling Wireless Surveillance Systems & Network Installations

In need of help with your Data Voice Cabling project? Aton Communications can provide support for all of your Computer Network Data and Voice/Telecommunications needs. With over 20 years experience designing, installing and testing Network Wiring Solutions, AtonCom is your best solutions provider for quality Structured Cabling Projects in Lexington, Louisville and the Kentucky area. Some of the services we provide are:

Data Cabling

WIth experienced cable installers Aton Communications guarantees the quality of it's Data Wiring Projects. Whether it's CAT5, CAT-5E, CAT6, CAT-6E or Audio,Video AtonCom has the dedicated team to provide for the most complete Network Cable Infrastructure solutions. Cable standards are strictly adhered to in accordance to EIA/TIA specifications. Each and every cable will be tested to specs and all recorded results will be provided for the customer.

Voice Cabling
AtonCom will install an entire voice cabling solution tailored to your needs. Whether it's preparing for VoIP or plain old POTS a reliable cable infrastructure is needed to maintain reliability and resilience.

Small Office/Business Cable Solutions
Are you in a Small Business/Office environment and need a solid Cabling Infrastructure? We can provide this for you. We are a one stop shop for small business owners. We can provide a total network solution from the Structured Cable Infrastructure to Router/Firewall Support to Server/PC installation and Sales.

Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T) over CAT5/E
Interested in increasing the speed of your IT Cabling Infrastructure? Gigabit Ethernet might be for you. Original CAT-5 Cable Installations used only two out of the four available cable pairs to transmit and receive data. 1000Base-T standards use all four pairs concurrently. While most CAT 5 cable installations are properly installed to support Gigabit Ethernet proper Cable Testing should be done to ensure maximum transmission without complications.

Equipment/Server Room
AtonCom. will design a structured, organized and efficient Network Server Room/Telecommunications closet from the ground up.  Using a wide variety of Network Racks, Cable Management equipment and other accessories your Computer Room-Telecommunications closet will be ready for future network expansion.